Victor Black Label Discography, Vol. I      (John R. Bolig)       9780977273577
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Victor Black Label Discography, Vol. I      (John R. Bolig)       9780977273577
B0129. THE VICTOR BLACK LABEL DISCOGRAPHY, Vol. I:  16000 – 17000, (1903-16), by John R. Bolig.  Denver, CO,  Mainspring Press, 2007.  472pp.  Full discographic details from the original Victor Talking Machine Company and Gramophone Company files, correlated with the original records, catalogs, and supplements;  Recording dates and locations, and details of dubbed (S/8) and imported matrices;  Matrix and take numbers;  Catalog numbers for all corresponding U.S. and foreign issues in 78 format;  Details of alternate issues, canceled numbers, and couplings from single-sided releases;  Accompanists, conductors, pseudonyms, and group personnel exactly as listed in the original files;  Artist and title indices;  Historical introduction with 24 illustrations. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 9780977273577


"What distinguishes this discography is that the information originates entirely from original sources... It's simply a 'must-have' reference for the collector, discographer, and institutional librarian."

— The Record Collector

"Carefully prepared work... The true enthusiast cannot manage without all the resources mentioned here."

— ARSC Journal

"The first installment in the Victor Black Label Discography covers every version of every release in Victor's 16000 & 17000 series."

- Mainspring Press