Edison Discography   (Raymond R. Wile)     (9780977273584)
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B0131. THE EDISON DISCOGRAPHY – 1926-29, by Raymond R. Wile.  Denver, CO,  Mainspring Press, 2008.  472pp.  Discographic details from the original company files at the Edison Nation Historic Site, supplemented by inspection of the original discs and catalogs — recording locations and dates, matrix numbers and takes, artist aliases, accompanists and conductors, composer credits, and more;  Coverage of Diamond Discs, Needle-Type (lateral) discs, Sample Records, Long-Playing 24- and 40-Minute Records, and dubbed Blue Amberol cylinders;  Details of Edison radio transcriptions, experimental recordings, special-use recordings, and cancelled releases;  Day-by-day account of studio activities, including auditions and equipment tests;  Illustrated historical introduction, including the first fully detailed account of the company's shut-down operations in 1929;  Title, artist, accompanist, and vocal-chorus indexes, and Blue Amberol cross-reference. Out-of-print, Final New Copy! - 9780977273584


"The first installment in the Edison Discography Series, by ARSC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Raymond Wile. This volume covers an especially interesting period in Edison history, with the conversion to electrical recording; introduction of long-playing and lateral-cut discs and attempts to enter the radio transcription market; and finally, the closure of the Phonograph Division in 1929."

- Mainspring Press