Marvelous Melba    (Ann Blainey)        (9781566638098)
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Marvelous Melba    (Ann Blainey)        (9781566638098)
B0146. (MELBA) Ann Blainey. Marvelous Melba – The Extraordinary Life of a Great Diva. Chicago, Ivan R. Dee, 2009. 390pp. Index; Bibliography; Photos; DJ. - 9781566638098


“Underneath the Poiret gowns and in the echo of Melba’s fabulous trill, Blainey depicts a woman often sad, morose and unhappy….[Melba’s] secure Marchesi schooling and her fierce will propelled her on and on. She was a snob and certainly a bit of a poseur. She demanded homage and got it. She calculated her own worth and developed a keen business sense. She could also be plain, frank, generous, friendly and, not surprisingly given her background possessed an earthy sense of humour. A wide gap separated the public and private woman, and Blainey has mingled the two nicely.”

- Andrew Cottonaro, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2009