Nellie Melba     (William R. Moran)     (0313238936)
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Nellie Melba     (William R. Moran)     (0313238936)
B0198. (NELLIE MELBA). Nellie Melba: A Contemporary Review. William R. Moran, Ed. Westport, CT, Greenwood, 1985. 513pp. Index, Bibliography, Discography, Photos; Incl. essays by Bernard Shaw, Richard Aldrich, John F. Cone, Henry T. Finck, Landon Ronald, William Armstrong, John Lemmon‚, Henry Russell, W. J. Henderson, Olin Downes, Herman Kelin, Ivor Newton, definitive discography by William R. Moran, and more. Long out-of-print, final copy!


"Each section...contains several (up to fourteen) individual contributions. Editorial comment, where required, is unobtrusive but always authoritative. Mr Moran is, of course, well known to the Record Collector through his own scholarly and meticulous work. Of the discography, I will only say that it is produced to his own exacting standards."

- Michael E. Henstock, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 1985