Therese Malten, Wagner's Devoted Kundry  (Michael Letchford)  (9780956479600)
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Therese Malten, Wagner's Devoted Kundry  (Michael Letchford)  (9780956479600)
B0708. (THERESE MALTEN) Michael Letchford. Therese Malten, Wagner’s Devoted Kundry. U.K., Goar Lodge, Privately Printed by the Author, 2010. 143pp. Index; Numerous Photos; Illus. (Pictorial thick paper covers). Now out-of-print, Final Copy!


“Therese Malten, a most important dramatic soprano whose career spanned the years 1873-1903, is the subject of this brief but fascinating portrait by Michael Letchford. The primary indicator of the talents of Frau Malten is the fact that she was personally chosen by Richard Wagner to sing the rôle of Kundry in the inaugural series of performances of PARSIFAL in Bayreuth in 1882….the author has fashioned a most intriguing, though necessarily fragmentary, account of the life and career of Therese Malten….There can be no doubt that Therese Malten was a dramatic soprano of the first rank….Most highly recommended.”

- Mel Siegel, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2010