Berliner Gramophone Records   (Paul Charosh)   (9780985200411)
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Berliner Gramophone Records   (Paul Charosh)   (9780985200411)
B0739. (BERLINER) Paul Charosh. Berliner Gramophone Records in America - A Discography. Denver, CO, Mainspring Press, 2012. 280pp. Index; Illus. (Pictorial thick paper covers) - 9780985200411


"Charosh, who collects records and writes articles on American popular song, presents a discography of gramophone records for collectors and archivists that lists about 3,000 takes of about 2,300 different catalog numbers appearing on seven-inch discs in the US. Records are listed by number, which are arranged by title and performance type and include information on the composer, take letter suffix (multiple takes are included), recording date and location, recording artist, performance type, language (if other than English), and source codes. Information is culled from known catalogs and the records themselves. Several facsimiles of gramophone advertisements are provided. Indexes are by artist and title."

- Book News

"Emile Berliner’s gramophone was a revolutionary device, a machine that played flat discs rather than cylinders. Discs and cylinders competed fiercely during the 1890s, but ultimately Berliner’s concept won out and provided a foundation upon which to build the American recording industry.

Gramophone advertising boasted that the device would bring the voices of celebrities into people’s homes, and recordings were offered by the likes of 'Buffalo Bill' Cody, Chauncey Depew, Robert Ingersoll, and some early Broadway stars. Much of the catalog, however, comprised recordings by pioneer studio performers who have left us a fascinating snapshot of America’s musical life in the 1890's.

BERLINER GRAMOPHONE RECORDS IN AMERICA adds substantially to the author’s previous work, making it the most detailed discography available on these now-rare recordings. Features include: Recording locations and dates, Remakes and alternate versions, Composer and stage credits, User's Guide, 24 pages of rare Berliner advertising & Artist and title index. An essential reference for collectors and archivists, and a fascinating book for anyone interested in nineteenth-century American popular culture."

- Zillah D. Akron