The New York City Opera   (Martin L. Sokol)   0026122804
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The New York City Opera   (Martin L. Sokol)   0026122804
B0810. MARTIN L. SOKOL. THE NEW YORK CITY OPERA, AN AMERICAN ADVENTURE, WITH THE COMPLETE ANNALS. New York, Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 1981. 562pp. DJ. - 0-02-612280-4


“Martin L. Sokol, an authority on opera and recordings and the general director of the Bel Canto Opera, was the author of THE NEW YORK CITY OPERA: AN AMERICAN ADVENTURE, published by Macmillan in 1981. He was the host and producer of 'Through the Opera Glass', a weekly program of music and commentary on WBAI-FM. In 1975, he became the first producer of the New York City Opera broadcast series, and he was also a regular guest panelist on the Metropolitan Opera Quiz, an intermission feature of the Saturday afternoon national broadcasts. Mr. Sokol became the director of the Bel Canto Opera. [Of particular interest to record collectors, in the mid-1950s he continued the work of William Seltsam’s International Record Collectors Club (IRCC) of legendary 78s which were pressed from original masters, then created his own Connoisseurs Record Club (ABHA & ABHB) blue label HMV disks. He was soon put out of business by contemporaneous Addison Foster (of American Gramophone Society [AGSA & AGSB]) who would brook no competition. This was confirmed to us separately by both Sokol and Foster. – J. R. Peters]

- THE NEW YORK TIMES, 19 Dec., 1986