Sir Adrian Boult     (Nigel Simeone  Simon Mundy)     (0-85936-212-4)
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Sir Adrian Boult     (Nigel Simeone  Simon Mundy)     (0-85936-212-4)
B1048. NIGEL SIMEONE & SIMON MUNDY, Eds. Sir Adrian Boult: Companion of Honour. Kent, Midas Books, 1980. 96pp. Discography; Photos; DJ. - 0-85936-212-4


"This 96pp hardback includes 25 illustrations and Discography. It is a tribute to Boult from his friends and colleagues. Foreword by Dr. Malcolm Williamson, Yehudi Menuhin, Lyndon Jenkins, Ernest Hall, Bernard Shore, Sidone Goossens, Marie Wilson, Colin Bradbury, Alan Cumberland, Sir Lennox Berkeley, Jerrold Northrop Moore, Prof. Denis Matthews, Christopher Bishop, Richard Hickox."

- Ned Ludd