Kathleen Ferrier  -  a Memoir       (Neville Cardus, Ed.)
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Kathleen Ferrier  -  a Memoir       (Neville Cardus, Ed.)
B1155. NEVILLE CARDUS, Ed. Kathleen Ferrier – a Memoir, with contributions by Roy Henderson, Gerald Moore, Benjamin Britten, John Barbirolli, Bruno Walter & Neville Cardus. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1969. 122pp. Discography; Photos; DJ.


“The conductor Bruno Walter once said that the two greatest musical experiences of his life were knowing Kathleen Ferrier and Mahler – in that order….Her singing was of such rare beauty: beauty of expression, beauty of voice, purity, and beauty of personality. It was one of the greatest impressions in my life.”

- Vivien Schweitzer, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 8 July, 2012

“As a music critic, Cardus was the opposite of Ernest Newman's objective school of musical criticism. Cardus's romantic, instinctive response to music was in contrast with Newman's intellectual, analytical approach. A fellow critic wrote that Newman ‘probed into Music's vitals, put her head under deep X-ray and analysed cell-tissue. Cardus laid his head against her bosom and listened to the beating of her heart’." Despite their different approaches, the two writers held each other in considerable regard. Yehudi Menuhin wrote that Cardus ‘reminds us that there is an understanding of the heart as well as of the mind... in Neville Cardus, the artist has an ally’.”

- Zillah D. Akron