The Life of Kathleen Ferrier     (Maurice Leonard)
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The Life of Kathleen Ferrier     (Maurice Leonard)
B1158. MAURICE LEONARD. Kathleen – The Life of Kathleen Ferrier, 1912-1953. London, Macdonald, 1989. 274pp. Index; Discography; Photos. Softbound.


“The conductor Bruno Walter once said that the two greatest musical experiences of his life were knowing Kathleen Ferrier and Mahler – in that order….Her singing was of such rare beauty: beauty of expression, beauty of voice, purity, and beauty of personality. It was one of the greatest impressions in my life.”

- Vivien Schweitzer, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 8 July, 2012

“The inspirational story of Kathleen Ferrier, whose reputation as the greatest lyric contralto of the twentieth century is something rarely, if ever, disputed, is here told with compelling insight and perception by Maurice Leonard. Drawing on a variety of sources, from photographs, diaries, and private letters, to the memoirs and recollections of those who knew her best, he charts her life from her humble beginnings as a telephone operator in Blackburn to becoming Bruno Walter’s favorite singer.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron