Zubin [Mehta (Bookspan  &  Ross Yockey)    (0-06-120400-5)
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Zubin [Mehta (Bookspan  &  Ross Yockey)    (0-06-120400-5)
B1313. (MEHTA) MARTIN BOOKSPAN & ROSS YOCKEY. Zubin. New York, Harper-Row, 1978. 226pp. Index; Photos; DJ. - 0-06-120400-5


“Master of a flamboyant style, Zubin Mehta, is an Indian conductor and son on of the violinist Mehli Mehta, founder and conductor of the Bombay Symphony. Mehta studied medicine for two years before continuing the family's musical tradition. After two years of study at the Vienna Music Academy, he won first prize at the International Conducting Competition in Liverpool, England, in 1958”

- Loyal Bluto