Season with Solti    (WILLIAM  FURLONG)    (0-02-542000-3 )
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Season with Solti    (WILLIAM  FURLONG)    (0-02-542000-3 )
B1420.(GEORG SOLTI) WILLIAM BARRY FURLONG. Season with Solti – A Year in the Life of the Chicago Symphony. New York, Macmillan, 1974. 372pp. Index; Photos; DJ. - 0-02-542000-3


“An extraordinary look back of the 'magic' period of the early '70s, when the world first became aware of this superb orchestra--despite its (then) 80-year history. Solti's demands [offer] a loving depiction of what makes the CSO unique in North America; its extraordinary discipline, fierce pride in its Central European heritage and sound, tradition of training its own, and insistence on the very finest world-class first chairs, many of whom would ordinarily have superb solo careers. In explaining the CSO from that perspective, Furlong has written less of a diary and more of a primer as to why no one else gets it so right, year in and year out. The CSO recently left a prominent first chair open for four years, rather then comprimise on replacing the legendary Ray Still. Despite the troubles that today's rather generic conductors may cause, Furlong allows you to understand the CSO fully: the virtuosity, discipline, and tradition are intact, awaiting only the right conductor.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron