The Recording Angel    (Evan Eisenberg)   0-07-019051-8
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The Recording Angel    (Evan Eisenberg)   0-07-019051-8
B1618. Evan Eisenberg. The Recording Angel - Explorations in Phonography. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1987. 264pp. Index; DJ. - 0-07-019051-8


“The author defines the art form of phonography: making music on record. Eisenberg likens the difference between live music and recorded music as that between cinema and live theatre. He looks at the producers and stars from all fields of music from Louis Armstrong, and Jelly Roll Morton, to Leopold Stakowski and Glen Gould.

First published in 1987 and now considered a classic, THE RECORDING ANGEL charts the ways in which the phonograph and its cousins have transformed our culture. In a new Afterword, Evan Eisenberg shows how digital technology, file trading, and other recent developments are accelerating - or reversing - these trends. Influential and provocative, THE RECORDING ANGEL is required reading for anyone who cares about the effect recording has had - and will have - on our experience of music.”