The Miracle of the Met (Metropolitan Opera)  Quaintance Eaton
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The Miracle of the Met (Metropolitan Opera)  Quaintance Eaton
B1853. The Miracle of the Met, An informal history of the Metropolitan Opera. Quaintance Eaton. New York, Meredith, 1968. 490pp. Index; Photos; DJ.


“In 1957, her book OPERA CARAVAN, an anecdotal history of the Metropolitan Opera on tour, Quaintance Eaton was praised by Howard Taubman, then chief music critic of The New York Times, as ‘both diverting and informative’. In the 1960's, she published two histories that have become standard works: THE BOSTON OPERA COMPANY (1965) and THE MIRACLE OF THE MET (1968). She was also executive secretary of the National Federation of Music Clubs and of the New York City Opera Guild.”

- Loyal Bluto