Beecham;  Suddaby, Thomas, Nash    (Messiah)             (3-Biddulph WHL 059/61)
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Beecham;  Suddaby, Thomas, Nash    (Messiah)             (3-Biddulph WHL 059/61)
C0028. SIR THOMAS BEECHAM Cond. Royal Phil.; Luton Choral Society, Elsie Suddaby, Marjorie Thomas, Heddle Nash & Trevor Anthony: MESSIAH, preceded by Beecham’s pre-performance mini-lecture; Beecham Cond.: Amaryllis - Suite; Israel in Egypt – Three Choruses (the latter from Live Performance, 3 Oct., 1934, Leeds Festival) (all Handel); Christmas Oratorio – Sinfonia (Bach). (England) 3-Biddulph WHL 059/61, recorded 1947. Transfers by Mark Obert-Thorn. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy of this major CD rarity! - 744718306121


“[This MESSIAH]…remains one of the tiny handful of truly stellar MESSIAH recordings, one of those that sets a standard against which all others must be judged. The quartet of soloists, Elsie Suddaby, Marjorie Thomas, Heddle Nash and Trevor Anthony, were all in superb voice, and Beecham adjusted the size of his choir to fit the character of the individuial choruses.”

- Alan Blyth, CHORAL MUSIC ON RECORD, p.86

“[Heddle Nash] could have charmed the very birds off the trees. There were those who maintained that he sang Mozart better even than McCormack or Tauber. His fioriture in Rossini were as fluent de Lucia’s, or anybody else’s; his Handelian runs were as flexibly firm as Widdop’s. His legato, supple and floating free, was exemplary….”


"A musicologist is a man who can read music but can't hear it."

- Sir Thomas Beecham