Carlos Kleiber     (Orfeo  C 700 051)
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Carlos Kleiber     (Orfeo  C 700 051)
C0438. CARLOS KLEIBER Cond. Bayerischen Staatsoper Orch.: Symphony #7 in A (Beethoven). (Austria) Orfeo Hybrid SACD C 700 051, Live Performance, 3 May, 1982. - 4011790700120


“Despite universal adoration, [Kleiber] cancelled almost as often as he showed up. He was moody, hyper-sensitive, childishly demanding, reclusive, a perfectionist, a kind of nervously brilliant adolescent, easily upset; he hated the recording studio and loved women and nature, running off to some hideaway in Slovenia and staring at the fields for hours. He died there, alone. A complete mystery. Herbert von Karajan, a mentor to him, was amazed by the public diffidence of so obviously talented a man, and, in fact, Kleiber turned down the directorship of the Berlin Philharmonic when von Karajan resigned, in 1989.”

- David Denby, THE NEW YORKER, 1 May, 2012

“Having played in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra under many conductors, it was my great fortune to make music with Carlos Kleiber when he conducted four operas at the Met in the late 1980s and early '90s….There are a number of qualities that made Carlos Kleiber different from other conductors. The unique combination of these made him special….Kleiber conducted the phrase instead of merely beating time. His baton conveyed a palette of colors and nuances, while never losing the sense of pulse. His use of his hands was beautiful and expressive. He paid tremendous attention to detail yet, at least for this listener, he never lost sight of the big picture….Making music with Carlos Kleiber was a privilege—when it was happening, you just knew you were in the presence of a powerful, charismatic force, someone guiding you, opening that special door to an experience never to be forgotten. He put us back in touch with those pure emotions and truths, reminding us how lucky we are to be musicians and artists—children of paradise….Making music with Carlos Kleiber, whether in rehearsal or performance, was incomparable. He was in a class by himself. For those of us around the world lucky enough to have shared in this experience, we have been touched forever.”

- James Kreger (Met Opera Cellist), JUILLIARD JOURNAL, Nov.,2004

“Carlos Kleiber was a tormented man, an almost terrifyingly gifted interpreter whose self-dissatisfaction eventually took the form of self-laceration. The legends about him made him seem almost psychotic….[he appeared to have] a deep-seated Oedipal need to surpass his father, the marvelous Viennese-born conductor Erich Kleiber, in repertory the older man had been closely associated with. Although there may be some truth here, the fact is that both Kleibers amassed vast repertories early in their careers.”

- Harvey Sachs, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 25 July, 2004