Dimitri Mitropoulos;  Beatrice Krebs   (Archipel 0344)
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Dimitri Mitropoulos;  Beatrice Krebs   (Archipel 0344)
C0449. DIMITRI MITROPOULOS Cond. NYPO & Westminster Choir, w.Beatrice Krebs: Symphony #3 in d (Mahler). (Germany) Archipel 0344, Live Performance, 15 April, 1956, Carnegie Hall. Final copies. - 4035122403442


“[Mitropoulos]...This wonderful, saintly man had such tremendous energy and fire. He used to ask us for a huge dynamic range, and you can hear that so especially effectively in the performances of Mahler we gave with him. But then he was passionate about everything he conducted, and that included the newest and toughest music, which he tackled with the greatest enthusiasm.”

- Stanley Drucker, CLASSICAL RECORDINGS QUARTERLY, Winter, 2010