Rare Enregistrements Mozartiens, 1934-70         (4-Tahra TAH 595/98)
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Rare Enregistrements Mozartiens, 1934-70         (4-Tahra TAH 595/98)
C0528. RARE ENREGISTREMENTS MOZARTIENS, 1934 – 1970, incl. Schultz-Dornburg Cond. Berlin Phil., w.Mitja Nikisch: Piano Concerto #20 in d, K.466; Scherchen Cond. Winterthur Stadtorchester: Les Petits Riens – Ballet, K.299b; Leopold Ludwig Cond. Berlin Phil.: Symphony #39 in E-flat, K.543; Schmidt-Isserstedt Cond. NDR S.O.: Divertimento #11 in D, K.251; w.Dennis Brain: Horn Concerto #2 in E-flat, K.417; Rosbaud Cond. NRDF S.O.: Prague Symphony #38 in D, K.504; Ackermann Cond. Kölner Rundfunks S.O., w.Grumiaux & Primrose: Sinfonia Concertante in E-flat, K.364; Scherchen Cond. Toronto S.O.: Serenata notturna, K.239; Ancerl Cond. Toronto S.O.: Jupiter Symphony #41 in C, K.551; w.Rossi Cond. RAI S.O., Torino, w.Schwarzkopf, Pirazzini, Valletti & Christoff: La Betulia Liberata, K.118. (France) 4-Tahra TAH 595/98, recorded 1934-70. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 3504129059514


"Tahra is a tiny classical music record company based in rural France. It's run by Myriam Scherchen, daughter of Hermann Scherchen, who co-ran the music label Tahra, which released officially authorized historical recordings of conductors such as Scherchen, Furtwängler, Mengelberg and others, generally drawn from primary recorded sources. Tahra ceased business after the death of the co-principal of the label, René Trémine. And despite its small size, the label has won some of the classical music industry's most prestigious awards, outgunning many of the big multinational conglomerates that dominate classical music today. Tahra's records are historical recordings, often taken from 78s or tapes of decades-old radio broadcasts."

- Julian Crandall Hollick, NPR Music, 28 Aug., 2005