Sergiu Celibidache;  Puchelt,  Borries, Scheck (Audite 21.406)
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Sergiu Celibidache;  Puchelt,  Borries, Scheck (Audite 21.406)
C0989. SERGIU CELIBIDACHE Cond. RIAS S.O. & Berlin Phil., w.Gerhard Puchelt, Siegfried Borries, Gustav Scheck, etc.: Ravel, Busoni, Cherubini, Hindemith, Genzmer, Gershwin & Copland. (Germany) 3-Audite 21.406, recorded 1948-57, Berlin, partially Live Performances. Specially priced. - 4022143214065


“This collection has particular interest, both historic and musical….Celibidache was, like Furtwängler, a fundamentally subjective artist. In these early performances, the personal seems less significant than the social as the orchestra rejoices in the new liberal era. The ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ is performed in the best sleazy-jazz Berlin manner, reminiscent of Klemperer’s ‘Three-Penny Opera’ suite of an earlier day….The outstanding performance is Copland’s ‘Appalachian Spring’. Here one relishes the meditative qualities that made Celibidache a cult figure and an elfin grace and lightness that quite lift the spirit out of the body….his gift for simplicity proves abundant. Anyone with a serious interest in Celibidache should seek this out….a historical reissue worthy of particular notice.”

- David Radcliffe, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Sept./Oct., 2011

"There is also good news for fans of the conductor Sergiu Celibidache. It is well-known that Celibidache refused to make commercial recordings in later life for artistic and philosophical reasons. But he transferred the rights of numerous broadcast recordings to his son Serge. A 'Sergiu Celibidache Foundation' was established to document the conductor’s musical legacy and make it accessible to the public. EMI and later Deutsche Grammophon released big editions of recordings Celibidache made in Munich, Stockholm and Stuttgart. Then in 2008 Orfeo released the Cologne broadcasts. Now Audite has opened another chapter of the Celibidache story, by releasing the complete RIAS recordings. This three-disc set is an important document of the young conductor, since it brings together his recordings with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the RIAS Symphony Orchestra and the Berlin Radio Symphonie Orchestra, all taken from the original tapes and remastered in state of the art sound quality. You can forget all those pirate copies out there when you listen to these live and studio recordings. You will hear a fiery young Celibidache at the beginning of his career and you will come across some unusual repertoire – Busoni’s Violin Concerto, the 1945 Piano Concerto by Hindemith, Harald Genzmer’s Concerto for Flute and Chamber Orchestra (1944) and rare works by Heinz Tiessen and Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling. This edition throws a new light on Celibidache, who was open to contemporary music which he conducted with passion."


“Exclusive 3 CD hardcover box with Celibidache’s signature in gold foil imprint. The legendary RIAS recordings of Sergiu Celibidache’s concerts made in post-war Berlin (predominantly with the Berlin Philharmonic) represent a piece of musical history. For this edition the original tapes from the RIAS archives have been made available the first time, which means that these CDs offer the highest possible technical quality. With few exceptions, Celibidache was critical of having his interpretations captured as recordings. These productions are therefore of particular interest. They provide – especially as a counterpart to the late Munich recordings – a fascinating insight into the early years of the conductor when he, a temperamental firecracker, enthused his audience. Equally interesting is the unusual repertoire: Busoni, Hindemith, Copland and others, which brings listeners the music of two eminent German composers, Heinz Tiessen and Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling, who are forgotten today, and also contains Harald Genzmer’s flute concerto (1944), the music of which was lost shortly after this RIAS recording.

This Celibidache edition comprises the entire stock of original tapes recorded between 1948 and 1957 which are kept in the archives of Deutschlandradio. Original recordings which were officially deleted but which partly survive in private archives have not been included due to their lesser quality. This production is of high documentary value and a priority production for 2011.”

“Audite's historic archive releases enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. The high quality of their content is due to their long-term cooperation with radio archives, permitting a continuous exploration of archive collections. The high sound quality of the releases is achieved by using only original tapes from these archives. Audite acquires licences from the broadcasting companies even for public domain archive recordings. In addition, there is the process of re-mastering using numerous new technological post-production possibilities to achieve optimal sound quality while, at all times, remaining faithful to the principles of historical documentation. Only those productions which fulfil all these criteria are labelled with Audite's seal of quality, ‘1st Master Release - Original Tapes’. Audite is, in every aspect, oriented towards high quality.”

- Zillah D. Akron