Thomas Beecham;  Margherita Grandi, Paul Schoffler   (Somm-Beecham 9)
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Thomas Beecham;  Margherita Grandi, Paul Schoffler   (Somm-Beecham 9)
C1028. THOMAS BEECHAM Cond. London & Royal Phil. & BBC S.O.: Smetana, Reznicek, Puccini, Mozart, Tschaikowsky & Wagner; w.MARGHERITA GRANDI, etc.: Macbeth – Excerpts (Verdi). (England) Somm-Beecham 9, recorded 1945-47, partially Unpublished. Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 748871255920


“[In the above], the voice is still a remarkable and splendid instrument, and Grandi delivers the long arched Verdian phrases in the grand manner, pouring out her lovely voice with clear attractive tone and tenderness, befitting the regal lady she portrays so well….in particular, the Act II aria ‘La luce langue’, is for many [collectors] the finest version on records.”

- Michael F. Bott, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 1979