Wolfgang Sawallisch             (8-Hanssler Profil PH12041)
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Wolfgang Sawallisch             (8-Hanssler Profil PH12041)
C1240. WOLFGANG SAWALLISCH Cond. Bayerischen Rundfunks S.O.: Mozart, Haydn, Mendelssohn & Schubert; ANTIGONAE (Orff). (Germany) 8–Hänssler Profil PH12041, Boxed Set w.Elaborate 31pp Brochure. – 881488120417


“Wolfgang Sawallisch, one of the last of the old-school German conductors, who led the Philadelphia Orchestra for nearly a decade and the Bavarian State Opera in Munich for two decades before that, embodied the German type of the ‘Kapellmeister’ in the best sense: a man steeped in music, who knew every note of every score he conducted (often from memory), who was a supportive accompanist as well as an informed interpreter and who understood how to train, develop and lead an orchestra. Never flashy, even somewhat understated, he was, at his best, insightful and illuminating.

While Mr. Sawallisch was renowned throughout Europe, he might have remained little known to American audiences had the Philadelphia Orchestra not tapped him to take over as music director in 1993. When he arrived at age 70, he underwent a veritable renaissance, evidently enjoying a new freedom, both artistic and political — far from the political squabbling that had increasingly overshadowed his last years in Munich. ‘The last 10 years, with the Philadelphia Orchestra’, he said in 2006, ‘were really the top years of my symphonic life’. His time in Philadelphia was therefore a particularly happy ending to his career. Against some expectations, the reserved, intensely private German thrived in America, and the orchestra responded warmly to him.”

- Anne Midgette, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 24 Feb., 2013