Norma    (Patane;  Caballe, Veasey, Jon Vickers, Ferrin)     (VAI 4229)
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Norma    (Patane;  Caballe, Veasey, Jon Vickers, Ferrin)     (VAI 4229)
DVD0087. NORMA, Live Performance, 20 July, 1974, Theatre Antique, Orange, w.Patané Cond. Teatro Regio Ensemble; Monserrat Caballé, Josephine Veasey, Jon Vickers, Agostino Ferrin, etc. VAI 4229. - 089948422990


"Recorded July 20, 1974, at the Theatre Antique, Orange, France, this video has long been considered one of the great operatic documents. Caballé herself said it was her greatest performance. What a performance! [Caballé] sings like a goddess! Every note, every phrase perfectly placed, perfectly articulated. Beauty of tone, always a Caballé specialty, was never more radiant. With no thought nor worry about technique, Caballé fills the role with drama unsuspected of the singer. Nobility, majesty, pathos are all there, of course; but so is a surprising intensity of pride, of anger, for a well-rounded characterization. Vickers is the picture of nobility, musically as well as dramatically. His voice dashes easily through the embellishments without sacrificing intensity or that unique Vickers sound."

- Charles H. Parsons, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Sept./Oct., 2003