The Nose  (Rozhdestvensky)   (VAI 4517)
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The Nose  (Rozhdestvensky)   (VAI 4517)
DVD0444. THE NOSE (Shostakovich), Filmed 1979, w.Rozhdestvensky Cond. Moscow Chamber Opera Theatre; Eduard Akimov, Alexander Lomonosov, Valery Belykh, Nina Sasulova, Boris Tarkhov, etc. VAI 4517. - 089948451792


“Shostakovich’s first opera, also Russia’s first homegrown modernist opera, is finally available on DVD! And it’s not just any production – it’s a 1979 video of the Moscow Chamber Opera Theatre’s production, originally supervised by the composer himself. I could leave off typing here, because that alone should be enough for any Shostakovich fan to rush out and buy it….each soloist sings the horrendously difficult parts with apparent ease….”

- Stephen Estep, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov./Dec., 2010

“The Moscow Chamber Opera Theatre made operatic history in 1974 with their definitive production of THE NOSE by Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975). It marked the first time this modern masterpiece had been performed in Russia since its 1930 premiere; rehearsals were supervised by the composer himself. In the words of Boris Pokrovsky, who founded the Moscow Chamber Opera Theatre in 1972. ‘Shostakovich loved us. He loved this production. He loved our young theatre as one loves children for whom one has high hopes. For our theatre, the association with such a great artist and human being became the inspiration for the future life of our company’.”

- Loyal Bluto