Colonne, Eduoard  -  Signed & mounted sepia photo card, etc.
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Colonne, Eduoard  -  Signed & mounted sepia photo card, etc.
E00696. Colonne, Eduoard - Signed & mounted 5.75x4 sepia photo card, March 1, 1903 / 1 4x5.5 ALS-Concerts-Colonne, September 9, 1899 / 1 ALS-Association Artistique, January 12, 1884 / plus 2 - 4x5 signed notes on graph paper, 6/9/1899, 1/12/1884/ 2 - 1.5x3 photo cards. Collection Félix Potin.

"Edouard Judas Colonne (July 23, 1838 – March 28, 1910) was a French conductor and violinist. He was born in Bordeaux (southwest France). Colonne studied at the Conservatory in Paris where he won first prizes in both harmony and violin. In 1858 – 67 he was first violinist at the Opéra in Paris. In 1873, Colonne, along with music publisher G. Hartman, founded the 'Concert National' at the Odéon Théatre. Two years later, in 1875, the venue changed to the Théatre du Châtelet and the name of the enterprise was changed to The Association Artistique du Châtelet. The Association eventually became known as 'Concerts Colonne'. He was noted for his interest in Berlioz (who was then more highly regarded in the English- and German-speaking countries than in France) and for his support of Wagner's and Mahler's music. He was also the first conductor of eminence to make commercial gramophone (phonograph) records (for the Pathé company, 1906).

I cannot recall hearing a record in many years that grabbed my attention like this one. The first impression is created by the rhythm – an unmistakable, throbbing, eminently flexible pulse….These performances are flourish from start to finish….Colonne was one fine conductor, working with an orchestra far superior to that which one is accustomed to hearing on acoustic discs. Nor does he seem in the least intimidated by the recording horn; gleeful abandon seems to have been the order of the day….it is not often that all the pleasures of listening to historical recordings come into such perfect alignment."

- David Radcliffe, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov./Dec., 2006