Rugantino     (Warner Bros. HS 1528)     Original Broadway cast LP
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Rugantino     (Warner Bros. HS 1528)     Original Broadway cast LP
LP0130. RUGANTINO “A Roman Musical Spectacle”, Original 1964 Cast, w.Nino Manfredi, Ornella Vanoni, Aldo Fabrizi. [An Italian show which became the first Broadway musical in a foreign language.] Warner Bros. stereo HS 1528, Album includes elaborate 34pp full color book). Pristine copy jacket has wee cut-out, upper right.


“An original cast album with a difference is RUGANTINO (War¬ner Brothers H 1528; stereo HS 1528). This is the Italian musi¬cal, dealing with the adventures of an early 19th‐century Roman rogue, that was brought to Broadway in its entirety—cast, sets and costumes—with titles added to allow American audi¬ences to follow the Italian songs and dialogue. The music is by Armando Tro¬vajoli, who wrote the scores for the Italian films BOCCACCIO 70 and TWO WOMEN.”

- John S. Wilson, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 16 Feb., 1964