Pelleas  (Truc;  Dufranne, Croiza, Nespoulous, Maguenat)   (VAI 1093)
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Pelleas  (Truc;  Dufranne, Croiza, Nespoulous, Maguenat)   (VAI 1093)
OP0029. PELLÉAS ET MÉLISANDE - Excerpts of CREATOR Recording (Complete, as recorded in 1928), w.Truc Cond.; Hector Dufranne [Dufranne created the role of Golaud, 1902], Claire Croiza, Marthe Nespoulous, Alfred Maguenat, etc.; PELLEAS ET MELISANDE - Excerpts, recorded 1928, w.Coppola Cond. Charles Panzéra, Yvonne Brothier & Vanni-Marcoux. VAI 1093. Final sealed copy. - 089948109327


"In 1928, Georges Truc led five excerpts from [the above] opera. In his cast was the first Golaud, Hector Dufranne, whose singing was prized by Debussy himself. He didn't have a remarkable voice, and neither did Maguenat and Nespoulous in the title roles, but these artists make singing seem as natural as speaking. Every word is crystal-clear yet borne forward on the musical line. Debussy's skill in mating words to music couldn't be made plainer."

- Ralph V. Lucano, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Jan./Feb., 1996