Carmen  (Sanzogno;  Belen Amparan, Franco Corelli, Colzani)  (2-Myto 005.231)
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Carmen  (Sanzogno;  Belen Amparan, Franco Corelli, Colzani)  (2-Myto 005.231)
OP0104. CARMEN (in Italian), Live Performance, 13 June, 1956, w.Sanzogno Cond. RAI Ensemble, Milano; Franco Corelli, Belén Amparan, Anselmo Colzani, Elda Ribetti, etc. (Croatia) 2-Myto 005.231, w.full libretto. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 608974502317


"Vocal size and rugged style mark [Corelli] as an open-air tenor….The vibrancy of his timbre is unequaled among tenors, and often it holds a commendable warmth as well…."

- Paul Jackson, SIGN-OFF FOR THE OLD MET, p.374

“Corelli was more often than not merely a tall man with a loud voice, buying audience favor with such childish coin as long-held top notes and, for variety, longer-held top notes. Given his physical advantages and the power of sound he commands, Corelli could make himself a painter - hero of the first rank, but this would take an alteration of attitude for which there is no reasonable hope.”

- Irving Kolodin Review