Don Giovanni  (Furtwangler;  Siepi, Grummer, Edelmann, Dermota, Schwarzkopf, Berger)   (3-Archipel 0162)
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Don Giovanni  (Furtwangler;  Siepi, Grummer, Edelmann, Dermota, Schwarzkopf, Berger)   (3-Archipel 0162)
OP0111. DON GIOVANNI, Live Performance, 27 July, 1953, Salzburg, w.Furtwängler Cond. Vienna Staatsoper Ensemble; Cesare Siepi, Otto Edelmann, Anton Dermota, Elisabeth Grümmer, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Erna Berger, Walter Berry & Raffaele Arié; Erna Berger Recital. (Germany) 3-Archipel 0162. Long out-of-print, final copies! - 4035122401622


“The Furtwängler-Salzburg performances were virtually a roll call of the foremost Mozartean singers of the day, who were molded (with few exceptions) into an ensemble force that amounted to a single constellation rather than a mere juxtaposition of stars….Nothing is rigid; there are none of the false conceptions of style, prevalent with many conductors….”

- John Ardoin, THE FURTWÄNGLER RECORD, pp.100 & 103

“In comparison with her contemporaries, Grümmer was a greatly under-recorded soprano. Since she possessed an attractive, cream-toned voice, a splendid florid technique, and a smooth legato delivery allied to a pleasing stage presence, it is curious that she was so neglected by the major record companies.”

- Vivian A. Liff, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, May / June, 2011

"Elisabeth Grümmer was one of a wonderful constellation of German lyric sopranos who dominated the Central European opera houses and concert halls in the 1950s and '60s."

- Kurt Moses, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, March/April, 2010

"Elisabeth Grümmer was one of the best German lyric sopranos of the 1950s and 60s….the listener will be struck by [her voice’s] beauty, its evenness and smoothness over its entire range. Grümmer was a stylish singer who colored her voice well and gave convincing portrayals of her operatic heroines."

- Kurt Moses, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Jan./Feb., 2005