Iphigenie en Tauride   (Sebastian;  Crespin, Chauvet, Massard, de Narke)  (2-Gala 100.595)
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Iphigenie en Tauride   (Sebastian;  Crespin, Chauvet, Massard, de Narke)  (2-Gala 100.595)
OP0124. IPHIGÉNIE EN TAURIDE, Live Performance, 29 May, 1964, w.Sébastian Cond. Teatro Colón Ensemble; Régine Crespin, Guy Chauvet, Robert Massard, Victor de Narke, etc.; Régine Crespin, w.Tomasi Cond.: Sampiero Corso – Endors-toi, mon chéri (Cond. by the Composer); w.José Luccioni; Sébastian Cond.: Otello – Già nella notte densa; w.Delusseux, Germain, Hamel & Cussac; Inghelbrecht Cond.: Così fan Tutte – Excerpts. (Portugal) 2-Gala 100.595. Final Sealed Copy!


“Even if the sound quality and orchestral performance are not ideal, this is a highly recommendable disc not just for anyone who loves Régine Crespin, but for everyone interested in the precious recorded legacy of an almost vanished performance tradition.

- Robert Hugill, musicwebinternational

“French tenor Guy Chauvet was born in Montluçon 2 October 1933. In 1954 he was co-winner of a tenor competition in Cannes, along with Alain Vanzo, Gustave Botiaux, Tony Poncet, and Roger Gardes - a pretty impressive assemblage of talent! Chauvet made his Paris Opéra début in 1959, starting with comprimario parts, finally advancing to lead roles. He soon established himself as an important presence, both in France and, ultimately, in many of the world’s other major opera houses. He sang numerous roles in the French and Italian repertoire, and became particularly well-known for such heroic parts as Aeneas and Samson.

Guy Chauvet was without question a talented singer, and one who filled a pressing need during a time when the grand tradition of the French heroic tenor was in decline….Typical of this singer’s work in general, the diction is idiomatic and crystal-clear....Chauvet displays all of the other qualities that are the heart and soul of great French tenor singing - a seamless legato, a masterful application of the mixed voice, and an ideal balance between elegance and passion. It’s also quite impressive to hear Chauvet demonstrate an ease and mastery of style and technique in music ranging from the 18th century to verismo. And if all of these attributes inspire comparison to Chauvet’s great predecessor, Georges Thill, the singing on this disc justifies such comparisons. We hear some absolutely first-rate French tenor singing. Highly recommended.”

K. M., classicalcdreview, Sept., 2004