Aida  (Schmidt-Isserstedt;  Zadek, Hongen, Roswaenge, Metternich)  (2-Walhall 0036)
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Aida  (Schmidt-Isserstedt;  Zadek, Hongen, Roswaenge, Metternich)  (2-Walhall 0036)
OP0149. AÏDA (in German), Broadcast Performance, 1951, w.Schmidt-Isserstedt Cond. NDR Ensemble; Hilde Zadek, Elisabeth Höngen, Helge Roswaenge, Josef Metternich, etc. (E.U.) 2-Walhall 0036. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 4035122650365


"Helge Rosvaenge, the noted Danish tenor, spent most of his career in German opera houses. A star at the Berlin State Opera from 1929 to 1945, he was a member of the Vienna State Opera after 1930 as well as a guest singer in other major European houses. He sang Parsifal at Bayreuth in 1934 and 1936, a variety of roles at the Salzburg Festival both before and after the war and appeared at Carnegie Hall in 1963. He was known for the beauty of his voice and the expressivity of his delivery. Despite his nationality he was a pronounced German nationalist and apparently a sincere Nazi, joining the party in 1933. He appeared at the 1939 Nuremberg party rally, was highly regarded by Nazi officials and was one of the foreign artists esteemed by Goebbels for helping to support the German war effort by participating in Wehrmacht request concerts on German radio."

- Frederic Spotts, Great Conductors of the Third Reich

“From 1940 until his retirement in 1971, [Metternich] was one of the leading German baritones, singing in most of the major opera houses around the world….His was a massive voice of dark power, not rich and smooth, but with an intensity and grittiness that added much to his characterizations.”

- Charles H. Parsons, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov./Dec., 2008

"Metternich’s rich, dark voice, extraordinary breath control, and fine musicianship was coupled with an incisiveness of text projection and a sensitivity of characterization in an outpouring of luxurious sound….In an era when German baritones were expected to sing only German opera, Joseph Metternich made an international career…specializing in the dramatic baritone roles of Italian opera."

- Charles H. Parsons, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, May/June, 2006