Fedora  (Maud Cunitz,  Karl Friedrich, van Mill, Christa Ludwig)  (2-Walhall 0041)
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Fedora  (Maud Cunitz,  Karl Friedrich, van Mill, Christa Ludwig)  (2-Walhall 0041)
OP0200. FEDORA (in German), Broadcast Performance, 1953, Frankfurt, w.Schröder Cond. Hessischen Rundfunks; Maud Cunitz, Karl Friedrich, Maria Madlen Madsen, Kurt Gester, Arnold van Mill & Christa Ludwig. (E.U.) 2-Walhall 0041. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 4035122650419


“Soprano Maud Cunitz recorded in the 1950s for Decca, Telefunken, and HMV, plus numerous German radio broadcasts. She is heard here at her considerable best, a slender, penetrating tone, quite reed-like. Three excerpts from a complete 1953 HMV LOHENGRIN are heard to advantage with rest of the estimable cast: Rudolf Schock, Margarete Klose, Josef Metternich, and Gottlob Frick at the Hamburg Radio. She is joined by Frick and Karl Terkel in two excerpts from DIE HUGUENOTTEN. ‘Senta’s Ballad’ gets a stout traversal full of sturm und drang. Two excerpts from DER FREISCHÜTZ are lovingly vocalized, bursting with excitement.”

- Charles H. Parsons, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, May/June, 2012

“The German soprano Maud Cunitz was a legendary leading singer, who was completely dedicated to the ensemble of her opera house. She was self-critical and self-confident enough to never attempt a role to which she was unsuited.”

-Zillah Dorset Akron