Walkure  (Leitner; Hotter, Beirer, Brouwenstijn)  (2-Living Stage 4035170)
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Walkure  (Leitner; Hotter, Beirer, Brouwenstijn)  (2-Living Stage 4035170)
OP0510. DIE WALKÜRE – Acts I & II, Extended Excerpts, Live Performance, 1960, Buenos Aires, w.Leitner Cond. Teatro Colón Ensemble; Martha Mödl, Gré Brouwenstijn, Hans Beirer, Hans Hotter, Grace Hoffman, etc. (Slovenia) 2-Living Stage 4035170. Long out-of-print, final copies! - 3830025741797


”The Dutch soprano Gré Brouwenstijn was one of those singers whom audiences and record collectors truly seemed to love....She seemed personally involved in everything she did….”

- Ralph V. Lucano, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Sept./Oct., 2011

“The Dutch soprano Gré Brouwenstijn has long been held in the highest esteem within her own country, and within a circle of vocal connoisseurs, for the fearless vibrancy of her approach to the great hochdramatisch soprano rôles, without ever compromising the standards and ideals of vocal beauty: hers is a voice of great strength and flexibility, fully able to meet the challenge of projecting both the scale and drama of Wagner’s heroines while also inhabiting their more intimate confessions. Brouwenstijn made precious few recordings – most of what is left to us now derives from private tapes or radio archives of live performances"

- H.P. Casavant

No one could sing Brangäne’s Warning more perfectly than [Grace Hoffman], and it was one of the high points of the evening to hear the beautiful sound of her voice penetrating the darkness of night, while I was enfolded in Tristan’s arms.”

- Birgit Nilsson, LA NILSSON, pp. 198 & 153