Nozze    (Breisach;  Pinza, Sayao, Steber, Conley, Novotna)   (3-Guild 2203/05)
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Nozze    (Breisach;  Pinza, Sayao, Steber, Conley, Novotna)   (3-Guild 2203/05)
OP0769. LE NOZZE DI FIGARO, Live Performance, 17 April, 1943, w.Breisach Cond. Met Opera Ensemble; Eleanor Steber, Bidù Sayão, Jarmila Novotná, John Brownlee, Ezio Pinza, Salvatore Baccaloni, etc.; BIDÙ SAYÃO & EUGENE CONLEY Operatic Recital, Live from San Francisco, w.broadcast commentary. (England) 3–Guild 2203/05. Transfers by Richard Caniell. [Very long unavailable, it is wonderful to have a few copies, once again.] - 795754220520


“What remains a matter for wonder is the complete poise of [Steber’s] vocalism from start to finish….Thoroughly composed, she wafts the gentlest, slenderest thread of tone onto the ether….Neither the long phrases nor the high-lying tessitura of ‘Dove sono’ daunt Steber; her voice is all of a piece, capable of a wide range of dynamics, the top notably firm and colorful. Best of all, she closes with a neat trill.”

- Paul Jackson, SATURDAY AFTERNOONS AT THE OLD MET, pp.309 & 310