Prince Igor  (Melik-Pashaev;  Reizen, Lemeshev, Ivanov, Smolenskaya, Borisenko, Skobtsov)  (3-Naxos 8.111071/73)
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Prince Igor  (Melik-Pashaev;  Reizen, Lemeshev, Ivanov, Smolenskaya, Borisenko, Skobtsov)  (3-Naxos 8.111071/73)
OP0940. PRINCE IGOR (Borodin), recorded 1951, w.Melik-Pashaev Cond. Bolshoi Opera Ensemble; Andrei Ivanov, Alexander Pirogov, Mark Reizen, Sergei Lemeshev, Yevgenia Smolenskaya, Veronika Borisenko, Ivan Skobtsov, etc.; Prince Igor – Excerpts from historic 78s, incl. Nina Koshetz, Nadezhda Oboukhova, Charles Friant, George Baklanoff, Feodor Chaliapin & Boris Christoff. (E.U.) 3-Naxos 8.111071/73. Transfers by H. Ward Marston. - 747313307128


“Certainly one of the most sonorous, expressive and beautifully-controlled bass voices ever to have been recorded was that of Mark Reizen. He was a legend in his own lifetime in Russia and, at the age of 90, he was still able to make a remarkable stage appearance, singing Prince Gremin in EUGEN ONÉGIN….one of the greatest bass singers of the 20th century.”

- Alan Bilgora, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2010

“A superb singer and powerful actor with a highly expressive, rich voice of astonishing color and range, [Reizen’s] forte was legendary, but he also had a pianissimo so expressive it could stop a rehearsal to allow Natalia Shpiller singing opposite him to regain her composure, while the rest of the cast were drying their eyes.”


“A redoubtable baritone was Andrei Ivanov (easy to confuse with Alexei Ivanov, also an interesting singer). His voice was weightier than Lisitsian's and not quite so seamless technically. But he is the best Igor on records, the most specifically inflected Mazeppa. His large, dark instrument sustains and shades Rigoletto's tessitura impressively, and he lightens the sound with a lyrical, conversational touch for his Onégin. Both vocally and interpretively, he is the finest Russian dramatic baritone of the past sixty years, at least on the recorded evidence."

- Conrad L. Osborne

“[Lemeshev] developed a mixed voice of incomparable beauty which made it possible for him to take the highest notes with such beautiful richness that even specialists could not explain how it was done. His high Cs…sounded virile and full.”

- Anatoly Orfenov