Il Trovatore  (Sodero;  Milanov, Castagna, Baum, Warren)    (2-Walhall 36)
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Il Trovatore  (Sodero;  Milanov, Castagna, Baum, Warren)    (2-Walhall 36)
OP1220. IL TROVATORE, Live Performance, 31 March, 1945, w.Sodero Cond. Met Opera Ensemble; Zinka Milanov, Bruna Castagna, Kurt Baum, Leonard Warren, Nicola Moscona, etc., w.Milton Cross' commentary; IL TROVATORE - Two Excerpts, Live Performance, 7 Jan., 1938, w.Panizza Cond. Met Opera Ensemble & Zinka Milanov. (England) 2-Walhall 36. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 5019148603368


“Bruna Castagna, since 1935 the stalwart mezzo of the Italian wing, will be heard no more at the Metropolitan [this being her final performance there]….She remains today as then, an underrated artist, never having gained the acclaim which her natural instrument and cultivated style warrant. Her commercial recordings, though splendid, are few in number. In her case the legacy of the aircheck is all-important….Warren can caress the ear as well as play the lion. His voice takes on a lovely color in the duet with Leonora, a discrete foil for Milanov’s far-flung phrases….Milanov too is at her very best….her Leonora on this afternoon is the apex of her first Metropolitan career. All her virtues and none of her frailties are on display. Leonora’s greatarias can be fully realized only by the poise of voice and repose of phrase which Milanov offers on gthis occasion. Arioso ograses are floated with the utmost delicacy….As the TROVATORE Leonora, Milanov can be not only relished but believed.” - Paul Jackson, SATURDAY AFTERNOONS AT THE OLD MET, pp.358-59