Die Toten Augen  (d'Albert)  (Born;  Schech,  Windgassen, Fehringer, Plumacher)   (2-Myto 00152)
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Die Toten Augen  (d'Albert)  (Born;  Schech,  Windgassen, Fehringer, Plumacher)   (2-Myto 00152)
OP1698. DIE TOTEN AUGEN (d'Albert), Broadcast Performance, 1951, w.Walter Born Cond. Stuttgart Radio Ensemble; Marianne Schech, Wolfgang Windgassen, Franz Fehringer, Hetty Plumacher, etc. (E.U.) 2-Myto 00152. - 8014399501521


“Marianne Schech débuted at Coblenz 1937 (Marta in TIEFLAND). From 1937 to 1945 she sang in Munich, Dusseldorf and Dresden. Schech was a member of Bavarian State Opera, Munich, 1945-70, specializing in Wagner and Strauss roles. Her Covent Garden début was in 1956, followed by her Met Opera début 1957. Schech débuted in San Francisco in 1959. She was one of singers of trio from DER ROSENKAVALIER at Richard Strauss' funeral, 1949.

The most important singer of the German Heldentenor repertory in the 1950s and 1960s, Wolfgang Windgassen employed his not-quite-heroic instrument, believable physique, and considerable musical intelligence to forge memorable performances on-stage and in the recording studio. Although his voice lacked the sensuous appeal of Melchior's or Völker's, it was never unattractive and never employed to obvious effect. Indeed, it conveyed a youthfulness that suited the young Siegfried especially well."

- Erik Eriksson, allmusic.com