Samson et Dalila  (Abravanel;  Wettergren, Maison, Pinza, List)  (2-Guild 2273/74)
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Samson et Dalila  (Abravanel;  Wettergren, Maison, Pinza, List)  (2-Guild 2273/74)
OP1920. SAMSON ET DALILA, Live Performance, 26 Dec., 1936, w.Abravanel Cond. Met Opera Ensemble; Ren� Maison, Gertrud Wettergren, Ezio Pinza, John Gurney, Emanuel List, etc. (England) 2�Guild 2273/74. [Very long unavailable, it is wonderful to have a few copies, once again.] - 795754227420


�[Maison�s] efforts are to be applauded, as they are most fulfilling in every musical and artistic aspect imaginable, and underline the fact that he was one of the most histrionically and vocally talented tenors of his generation�.Ren� Maison�s voice has a timbre that�can perhaps be compared to a slightly dry, yet rich and full-bodied red wine. He was a big man physically, and his repertoire and the tone emitted on his recordings do indicate size, weight and a delivery that (according to critical reviews) must have demonstrated excellent projection.�

- Alan Bilgora, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2011