Eve  (Massenet)  (Agiman;   Gavazzeni, Fichera, Veneziano)   (Bongiovanni 2442)
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Eve  (Massenet)  (Agiman;   Gavazzeni, Fichera, Veneziano)   (Bongiovanni 2442)
OP1964. ÈVE (Massenet), Live Performance, 5 Oct, 2008, w.Agiman Cond. Denia Mazzola Gavazzeni, Massimiliano Fichera & Giuseppe Veneziano. (Italy) Bongiovanni 2442, w.Libretto-Brochure. - 8007068244225


"ÈVE is the central piece of an oratorial triptych that Massenet, in less than a decade, together with MARIE-MAGDELEINE and LA VIÈRGE, dedicated to women of the Old and New Testament. It is the most heavily constructed: ecstasy, rapture, “charmes et voluptés” appear on command. Gallet himself noted that “ÈVE, more uneven than MARIE-MAGDELEINE, shows our composer with his ear tuned to public opinion”. Or perhaps, intent on keeping the attention of audience and critics between the documented success of MARIE-MAGDELEINE and the imminent appearance of LE ROI DE LAHORE. And yet Massenet's rendering of ÈVE is majestic and rigorous. His harmonies are original, often unusual; the orchestration is spectacular; the choral sections are skillfully done; his invention is all his own, with barely a sprinkling of Berlioz."

- Zillah Akron Dorset