Tosca    (Picco;  Callas, di Stefano, Campolonghi)   (2-Myto 00236)
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Tosca    (Picco;  Callas, di Stefano, Campolonghi)   (2-Myto 00236)
OP2036. TOSCA, Live Performance, 1 June, 1952, México City, w.Picco Cond. Palacio de Belles Artes Ensemble; Maria Callas, Giuseppe di Stefano, Piero Campolonghi, etc. (E.U.) 2-Myto 00236. - 080143990236


“Giuseppe di Stefano possessed an especially beautiful voice. It was impossible not to be moved; he truly had the sound of tears in his voice, without being over sentimental. His wonderful piano – and his stirring voice – moved his audience almost beyond endurance.”

- Birgit Nilsson, LA NILSSON, p.116

“…there is much amazingly gorgeous, heartfelt singing [from di Stefano] and a joy in performing….It can be pure unadulterated joy for a sometimes jaded reviewer to listen to...."

- Michael Mark, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov./Dec., 2009