Lucia di Lammermoor   (Varviso;  Sutherland, Tucker, Guarrera, Moscona)  (2-Walhall 0350)
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Lucia di Lammermoor   (Varviso;  Sutherland, Tucker, Guarrera, Moscona)  (2-Walhall 0350)
OP2326. LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR, Live Performance, 9 Dec., 1961, w.Varviso Cond. Met Opera Ensemble; Joan Sutherland, Richard Tucker, Frank Guarrera, Nicola Moscona, etc. (E.U.) 2-Walhall 0350. - 4035122653502


“In her first [Met] broadcast, Sutherland is much what she would be for the next quarter-century: the finest vocal technician of her time….her vocalism is wondrous to the ear; to this day, it remains unchallenged in terms of security and reliability. She commands admiration.”

- Paul Jackson, SIGN-OFF FOR THE OLD MET, p.391

"In her own time, there was a tendency to take Sutherland for granted, so consistent were her high standards of technique, musicianship and, yes, acting. Her total command of the stage was always formidable. No recording can really give an impression of how big the voice was….it had an astonishing and physically thrilling impact."

- Patrick O’Connor, GRAMOPHONE, Jan., 2007

"...for some thirty years, until his sudden death in 1975, Tucker's vocal security, boundless energy, unceasing enthusiasm, and thorough professionalism ensured a level of popularity that necessitated comparisons to some of his greatest predecessors....Tucker sang thrillingly and delivered the goods, communicating his own joy in singing to all who would listen...."

- Marc Mandel, FANFARE, May/June, 1997