Lakme  (Le Conte;  Boursin, Disney, Vanzo, Savignol)    (2-Malibran 200)
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Lakme  (Le Conte;  Boursin, Disney, Vanzo, Savignol)    (2-Malibran 200)
OP2676. LAKMÉ, recorded 1961, w.Le Conte Cond. Radio-Lyrique Ensemble; Denise Boursin, Agnès Disney, Alain Vanzo, Pierre Savignol, etc. (France) 2-Malibran 200. - 7600003772008


"...Vanzo combines all the elements of bel canto, whatever the selection. A seamless legato is joined with a technique that produces a beautiful, effortless sound....Vanzo’s voice caresses the music and demonstrates elegance…."

- Bob Rose, FANFARE, Nov./Dec., 2005

"In 1985, at age 57, [Vanzo] starred in the Paris Opéra’s historic revival of ROBERT LE DIABLE by Meyerbeer, which the company had not staged for some 90 years….Mady Mesplé, the soprano and a frequent vocal partner, told Le Monde that ‘with [Vanzo’s passing in 2002] a whole page of French lyric history has vanished’."

- Anne Midgette, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 24 Feb., 2002