Adelaide de Borgogna   (Generali)  (Carbonera, Otczyk, Fortunati, Bocchino, Cresca)   (3-Bongiovanni 2458/60)
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Adelaide de Borgogna   (Generali)  (Carbonera, Otczyk, Fortunati, Bocchino, Cresca)   (3-Bongiovanni 2458/60)
OP2686. ADELAIDE DE BORGOGNA (Generali), Live Performance, 17 March, 2012, w.Piva Cond. Filarmonia Veneta Ensemble; Anna Carbonera, Katarzyna Otczyk, Elisa Fortunati, Gianluca Bocchino, Roberto Cresca, etc. (Italy) 3-Bongiovanni 2458/60, w.53pp. Libretto-Brochure. - 8007068245826


“Pietro Generali (born Mercandetti Generali) (23 October 1773 - 3 November 1832) was an Italian composer primarily of operas and vocal music.

When Rossini began his rise to prominence, Generali moved first to Barcelona, directing the opera company of the Teatro de la S Creu, and from 1820 conducted and taught in Naples. In his last years, disappointed with the reception of his works, he held the position of maestro de capella at Novara Cathedral. He died, aged 59, in Novara.”

“Anna Carbonera continued her training with M. Custer, R. Scotto, R. Bruson, G. Bertagnolli and S. Mingardo and is now studing with E. Norberg-Schulz. In 2011 she won the 65th edition of the ‘Concorso comunità Europea per giovani cantanti lirici’ in Spoleto.”

- H. P. Casavant