Walkure  (Krauss;  Hotter, Greindl, Vinay, Modl, Resnik, Malaniuk)   (3-Arkadia 610)
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Walkure  (Krauss;  Hotter, Greindl, Vinay, Modl, Resnik, Malaniuk)   (3-Arkadia 610)
OP2989. DIE WALKÜRE, Live Performance, 1953, w.Krauss Cond. Bayreuth Festival Ensemble; Ramón Vinay, Martha Mödl, Regina Resnik, Hans Hotter, Josef Greindl, Ira Malaniuk, etc. (Italy) 3-Arkadia 610. Outstanding sound! Very Long out-of-print, final copy! - 8011571610033


“…this Krauss performance, in amazingly good sound, captures a level of conducting inspiration and of consistent vocal and dramatic insight probably never equaled by any other recorded RING, live or studio.

Krauss is best remembered as a Strauss specialist (Richard and Johann Jr.). This was the only summer he conducted at Bayreuth. The singers, too, have rarely been equaled as an ensemble. Hotter is at his peak as Wotan, firm and sure, and Greindl, too, who soon developed an annoying wobble, is in solid technical command here; this is a cast of practiced, inspired Wagnerians that would be hard to match today…. a performance for the ages….This is quite simply a great interpretation.”

- John Rockwell, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 5 June, 1988

"Chilean-born Ramón Vinay began his operatic career as a baritone (Mexico City, 1938), singing many of the major baritone roles…, but after study with tenor René Maison, he began a second career as a tenor (Mexico City, 1943), and after a long, distinguished career as a tenor, returned to the baritone repertoire in the 1960's, retiring in 1969 with a final Iago. He was most noted for tenor roles requiring great heft and power….His services were in demand everywhere."

- Charles H. Parsons, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, May/June, 2006