La Belle Helene  (Offenbach)  (Cariven;  Maria Murano, Devos, Sansonetti, Rey, Huberty, Balbon)    (2-Malibran 793)
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La Belle Helene  (Offenbach)  (Cariven;  Maria Murano, Devos, Sansonetti, Rey, Huberty, Balbon)    (2-Malibran 793)
OP3179. LA BELLE H�L�NE (Offenbach), Broadcast Performance, w. Cariven Cond. RTF Radio-Lyrique Ensemble; Maria Murano, Claude Devos, Marcelle Sansonetti, Gaston Rey, Lucien Huberty, Andr� Balbon, etc.; MARIA MURANO: Chanson Gitane (Yvain); Arias from La P�richole, Frasquita, Le Petit Faust, La Mascotte, Colombe & Le Prince de Madrid - recorded during Live Performance. (France) 2-Malibran 793. - 7600003777935


�LA BELLE H�L�NE is an op�ra bouffe in three acts by Jacques Offenbach to an original French libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Hal�vy. The operetta parodies the story of Helen's elopement with Paris, which set off the Trojan War. It was first performed at Paris' Th��tre des Vari�t�s on 17 December, 1864, starring Hortense Schneider and Jos� Dupuis. LA BELLE H�L�NE was an instant success with both the public and the critics and enjoyed an initial run of 700 performances.�

- Ned Ludd

�Maria Murano was a French lyric mezzo-soprano. She was most active postwar in the years between 1950 and 1970. She started at the Paris Op�ra shortly after World War II, then joined the Grand Th��tre de Bordeaux, where she became famous as Madame Alexandra in Jean-Michel Damase and Jean Anouilh's lyrical comedy COLOMBE in 1961. Later, she played opposite Luis Mariano in LE PRINCE DE MADRID and Ivan Rebroff in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF.�

- Alchetron