Der Ring des Nibelungen  (Kempe;  Jerome Hines, Nilsson, Hopf, Crespin, Uhl, Frick, Otakar Kraus)  (13-Orfeo C 928 613Y)
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Der Ring des Nibelungen  (Kempe;  Jerome Hines, Nilsson, Hopf, Crespin, Uhl, Frick, Otakar Kraus)  (13-Orfeo C 928 613Y)
OP3190. DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN, Live Performance, 1961, w.Kempe Cond. Bayreuth Festival Ensemble; Jerome Hines (Wotan), Birgit Nilsson (Br�nnhilde), Hans Hopf (Siegfried), Regine Crespin (Sieglinde / Third Norn), Fritz Uhl (Siegmund), Otakar Kraus (Alberich), James Milligan (Der Wanderer), Regina Resnik (Fricka), Gottlob Frick (Hagen/Hunding), Gerhard Stolze (Loge), Thomas Stewart (Donner/Gunther), David Ward (Fasolt), Peter Roth-Ehrang (Fafner), Herold Kraus (Mime), Wilma Schmidt (Freia/Ortlinde/Gutrune), Marga H�ffgen (Erda), Ingeborg Felderer (Woglinde/Helmwige/Waldvogel), Elisabeth Steiner (Wellgunde/Grimgerde), Elisabeth Sch�rtel (Flosshilde / Waltraute), Lilo Brockhaus (Schwertleite), Ruth Hesse (Rossweisse) & Gertraud Hopf (Gerhilde). (Germany) 13-Orfeo C 928 613Y. - 4011790928920


�Richard Wagner�s RING was performed in the highly reduced version by Wieland Wagner at the eight Bayreuth festivals since the re-opening of the theatre in 1951. However, by 1960 it seemed that the time had come for a new production, a task placed in the hands of Wieland�s brother Wolfgang, whilst direction of the production was given to the then 48-year-old conductor Rudolf Kempe. The reaction to the refreshingly new musical portrayal of the Bayreuth debutant from Saxony was unanimously positive and remained so for the five years that Kempe conducted the orchestra; indeed, the impression was retrospectively reinforced (one critic many years later compiled a now famous, comprehensive and comparative discography, citing a recording of Kempe�s Bayreuth RING as the best recording ever). Originally trained as an oboist, the Dresden-born Kempe began conducting in the 1930s and after the war became director of the Dresden, and then of the Bavarian state opera companies. In the course of the 1950s he enjoyed great success as a guest conductor at London�s Covent Garden (including Wagner�s RING), and in 1961, the second year he conducted the RING in Bayreuth, he assumed direction of the Royal Philharmonic. This recording, available for the first time, has been remastered from the original tapes of the Bavarian Broadcasting Company. What makes this release so unique is its cast, many of whom can be heard giving their d�buts at Bayreuth.�