The Coachmen at the Relay Station   (Fomin)   (Antonenko, Orfenov, Zahkarov, Matyushina)      (Aquarius AQVR 402)
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The Coachmen at the Relay Station   (Fomin)   (Antonenko, Orfenov, Zahkarov, Matyushina)      (Aquarius AQVR 402)
OP3208. THE COACHMEN AT THE RELAY STATION (Fomin), a Singspiel, recorded 1952, w. Abdulov Cond. Radio Data Folk Ensemble; Trofim Antonenko, Anatoly Orfenov, Vladimir Zahkarov, Anna Matyushina, etc.; ANATOLY ORFENOV & TROFOM ANTONENKO: Russian Folk Songs - recorded 1938-56. (Russia) Aquarius AQVR 402. - 4607123631836


“Yevstigney Ipat'yevich Fomin began learning the harpsichord in 1776 with Matteo Bumi. From 1777 he studied theory and composition with Hermann Raupach, and from 1779 with Blasius Sartori. In 1782 he went to Bologna to study with Padre Martini and Stanislao Mattei; three years later he was accepted into the Accademia filarmonica. Returning to St. Petersburg in 1785, he taught at the theatrical school and composed operas. From 1797 he was répétiteur for the imperial theater under Paul I. He composed about 30 operas including YAMSHCHIKI NA PODSTAVE [THE COACHMEN AT THE RELAY STATION] (1787) [in reality,a Singspiel]; VECHERINKI [SOIRÉES] (1788); ORFEY I EVRIDIKA (1792), AMERIKANTSY [THE AMERICANS] (a comic opera) (1800), and ZOLOTOYE YABLOKO [THE GOLDEN APPLE] (performed after the composer’s death in 1803). The most successful for decades was his opera-melodrama ORFEY I EVRIDIKA to a text by Yakov Knyazhnin. It was re-staged in Soviet times in 1947 in Moscow, and in 1953 and in 1961 in Leningrad.”

- Ned Ludd

“In 1933 Orfenov found himself in a choir of Opera Theatre Studio under the direction of Stanislavski and a year after that he was a soloist of the Theater. In 1942 Orfenov began his career at the Bolshoi Theater, where he sang up to 1955. From 1950 he was engaged in teaching, as a lecturer in the Gnesin Musical-Pedagogical Institute (1950-1971), in Bolshoi Theatre (1963-1969), Cairo Conservatory (1971-1973), and Bratislava Conservatory (1974-1980). In 1980 to 1984 he was a director of the opera group of the Bolshoi.”

- Z. D. Akron