Dirk Shafer      (Opal 9861)
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Dirk Shafer      (Opal 9861)
P0041. DIRK SCHÄFER: Chopin, Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven, Henselt, Handel & Couperin. (England) Opal 9861, recorded 1926. Compiled & Produced by Floris Juynboll. Long out-of-print, Final copy! - 727031986126


“Dirk Schäfer was a Dutch concert pianist and composer of pianoforte pieces and chamber music, such as his distinctly Brahmsian piano quintet in D flat and his sonatas for violin and piano. As a proof of his abilities, in 1913-15 he offered a series of eleven concerts comprising an anthology of keyboard music from Byrd to Debussy and Schönberg. Its success has contributed to his reputation of ‘the greatest pianist this country has ever produced’ (Eduard Reeser in 1950). Schäfer was averse to public life and felt insufficiently appreciated in Holland. He made concert tours to Paris, Vienna, London and Berlin, and while often labeled a Chopin specialist, as a composer and interpreter he may have had stronger affinities with Brahms. In 1899 he performed his Piano Concerto in E Flat with the Concertgebouw Orchestra under Willem Mengelberg, then in 1905 played his ‘Javanese Rhapsody’, also under Mengelberg. Schäfer's most noted recorded 1926 performances are of works by Chopin, shortly before his death.”

- H. P. Casavant