Emil von Sauer  -  Complete Commercial Recordings   (3-Marston 53002)
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Emil von Sauer  -  Complete Commercial Recordings   (3-Marston 53002)
P0060. EMIL von SAUER: The Complete Commercial Recordings, 1923-41, incl. Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Liszt, Johann Strauss, Paganini & von Sauer; w.Weingartner Cond. Paris Conservatoire Orch.: Concerto #1 in E-flat; Concerto #2 in A (both Liszt). 3-Marston 53002. Transfers by Ward Marston. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy of Rare Original Edition! - 638335300221


"For pianophiles [the above] disc will be a must. Even Vladimir Horowitz would have been impressed. He once said that only three German pianists ever impressed him, and of those three (Gieseking and Backhaus were the others) Sauer by far played the most beautifully.”

- Harold C. Schonberg, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Jan./Feb., 1999

"Marston’s collection of Emil von Sauer’s complete commercial recordings, even with the very limited sound of some of the acoustics, is a major document of a major pianist, including his unforgettable playing of the piano concertos of his sometime teacher Franz Liszt.”

- Leslie Gerber, FANFARE, Nov./Dec., 1999

“Sauer is a genuine troubador of the piano.”

–Eduard Hanslick

"Sauer is that rare bird, a pianist who boasts not only the solid science of the German school, but also a subtle Slavic strain in his playing. He played Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, and Brahms with deep, unaffected sentiment, healthy Teutonic sentiment; but let him loose in Liszt, Chopin, or the Russians, and a second temperament came to view. I puzzled over this anomaly for years, wondering how a North German – hard-headed Hamburger – could spin such a many-colored web of exotic music."

– James Huneker