Arthur Loesser           (2-Marston 52036)
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Arthur Loesser           (2-Marston 52036)
P0079. Arthur Loesser: Commemorative Issue, incl. Bach, Dussek, Hummel, Clementi, Raff, Haydn, Beethoven, Rubinstein, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Paderewski, Chabrier, Godowsky, Reger, Casella, Busoni, Moszkowski, MacDowell, Jensen, Field, Ravina & Prokofiev; Introductory remarks by Lœsser. 2-Marston 52036, Live Performances, 1964-67 (incl. Town Hall Recital, 29 Oct., 1967. Transfers by Ward Marston. - 638335203621


“Loesser was a master of the conversational phrase though with a firm grasp of rhythm.…as ‘Bach experiences’ go, this is impulsive, big-personality playing, eager as youth, spontaneous (occasionally to the point of hurrying) and only rarely troubled by slips of the finger. Loesser himself provided some highly intelligent and readable annotations.”

- James Inverne, GRAMOPHONE, Sept., 2008

“Arthur Loesser…chronicled [the piano’s] evolution in his classic 1954 book, MEN, WOMEN AND PIANOS: A SOCIAL HISTORY with the care and concern of a family relation…Now, over thirty years after Loesser’s death, it is through his history of the piano that he is best known. But he also devoted his life to the instrument, a life that in its quiet dedication, seemed to reflect the focus and relaxed attention that characterizes his book…After writing a playful book, HUMOR IN AMERICAN SONG, he was working on MEN, WOMEN AND PIANOS when, in 1953, he became the head of the piano department in Cleveland…his book is a counterexample to his skepticism, a model of broad-minded, expansive music criticism that wears its learning lightly.”

- Edward Rothstein, Program Notes