Mordecai Shehori   -  Chopin    (Cembal d’Amour 170)
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Mordecai Shehori   -  Chopin    (Cembal d’Amour 170)
P0531. MORDECAI SHEHORI: Chopin Recital. Cembal d’Amour 170, recorded 2012. - 978167129213


“Shehori attributes much of his piano mastery to skills learned form his long-time teacher in Israel, Mindru Katz. ‘Only twice in my life’, he wrote in Record Collector magazine in 2008, ‘it happened that when I met a person for the first time it was apparent that I was in the company of an awe-inspiring genius’. Once was his initial encounter the Katz. The other was his meeting with Horowitz later in New York.

Katz taught Shehori how to activate the last finger joints without creating tension in any other part of the arms; how to make the arms ‘float in the air, like a drop of oil in water’, by employing the large muscles in the back; ‘how to play the piano with these light and soft arms as flexible whips and not as rigid sticks’.

This method allows a wide range of tone – from whispering pianissimi to thundering fortissimi. No harsh sounds resulted, nor did injuries result. ‘Historically, most pianists who have a beautiful sonorous tone, especially in the higher registers of the piano, never develop carpal tunnel syndrome’, he wrote.”

- Michael Johnson, FACTS & ARTS, 18 Aug., 2014